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Site of Special Interest (SSI) at MAC Geopark

Campmaking on the Marlebank scenic loop We slept two nights this week in the van at Killykeegan Nature Reserve carpark. It was very nice and easily our best campspot so far. Along with McGrath cottage next door, it belongs to DOENI (Department of the environment for Northern Ireland). So we give thanks to them for their generosity. We’ve moved on for now and left no trace.  We hope they will let us use the cottage as a venue to trial our emerging soundpiece in situ.

My (Anna) “Killykeegan dreaming” was an amateur painting in oil of Yasser Arrafat! A strange image that provokes a whole steam of thoughts about borderland  zone:

What part did these highlands play during the troubles with their old cottages and limestone hidey-holes?

-Turmoil – thick history – dark land – swaddled –

During an automatic writing session by a stream on the track to Cuilcagh Mountain,
Claire tried to ignore these dark words rising from the peat next to a stream. The border between Northern Ireland and Eire runs along the ridge of Cuilcagh Mountain.

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  1. Hi Claire and Anna,

    This is Stephen in Albuquerque! Your blog is great.

    Will you be sharing the Yasser Arafat painting?


    June 20, 2011
  2. Hi Stephen, great you liking our blog. Do you mean Literally?

    Unfortunately the Yasser Arafat painting was just a dream painting so not really fully shareable as a blogpost. I am sure you can see it from where you are.

    Claire and I are now drawing collaboratively so will be sharing those pictures really soon. We could put in the dream painting maybe just for the record.

    (Anna )

    June 23, 2011

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