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Galloon Island dreaming

Bridget Maguire shared with us the Galloon of her childhood and inspired our boat trips there. After many emails, we met up with her  on Galloon Island just over the water from the beautiful  Crom Estate (National Trust), where we were staying in Upper Lough Erne.  We so enjoyed reading her emails that we have asked her permission to share some extracts. The following are from some of our many communications with Bridget. She writes:

“I’m sure you like Crom! and I’m sure you have noticed the little Tower out on the Lough  –  Crichton Tower……….when I was growing up this tower was broken at the top, and stones sometimes falling down in winds.  It was a favourite picnic place for my brother and sister and me to stop and have a picnic….while we were out rowing in search of adventures!!!

Today everything is prettified, but then everything had a sort of long-lost, neglected look, and hardly anybody came around, apart from the local people.  Inisfendra had feral goats, and a rather primeval sort of forest, which filled us with awe.

At the other end of the island, were the remains of the Lanesborough Estate – the house had been burned down in 1922 in the fight for our (ahem) freedom, and subsequently the roofless house was left to nature, with ash trees growing through it, and elegant window frames looked strangely out of place.

And our great prize, as children, was the wonderful apple orchard which continued to produce wonderful – if small – apples that were no longer known on the market, probably still rare. We brought boatloads of these home to Mother, who used them well, storing them, making apple pies, etc.  In the hungry 50s , these apples were a great luxury.

I’ll ask my brother if I can stay over on Monday night and will get back to you.  As things stand, Mon/Tues should be great.
I am pleased that you are enjoying yourselves here.
Best wishes

Extract from our DREAMINGPLACE email correspondence by kind permission of Bridget Maguire.

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