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Be quiet a while an’ listen.

Imagine a wonderful cacophany of sound stretching far back beyond prehistory through Geologic time. The sounds you hear today are still connected by a thread to all the sounds that have reverberated across the planet including those of our ancestors . They are also linked to the sounds that are waiting to happen.  So be quiet a while and listen….

And what does the soundtrack of the zone now inhabited by today’s Marble Arch Caves Geopark sound like? I mean what are the sounds of this place’s past present and future? What sounds are made or witnessed in the Geopark?

There so much potential for creating new sound ecologies.  AND so we’ve taken audio recordings of Marble Arch Caves Geopark, here there and everywhere during our travels…… of the birds, the bees and rivers as well as the human voices and technologies. We are going to make a DREAMING PLACE  audio journey for you (listen to How Far From Home Are we?) and we’ll ask local, national and international radio stations to broadcast our journeys. You’ll also be able to listen via live streaming and our blogs.

We’ll tell you more about that later on. Once autumn kicks in we’ll be doing some serious collaborative sound editing. We will have to use skype, google docs and wetransfer to help us as we are now physically far far apart, working on opposite sides of the world. And its going to be fun.

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