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Claire Coté

Claire and Anna: A Collaboration

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  1. Hello m’dears–

    It’s halfway through now and you look like you’re both having a great time and discovering placedreams everywhere…I bumped into Jackie and Ian on his 60th birthday and they say Claire, you’re staying in Totnes for a few days mid-July (Thanks for trying to find me at Greenlife btw) and what if we all (you two dreamers, me, Mark, Alicia and any others) have a Totnes PICNIC on Vire Isle or in the new Leechwell garden on your return? I’m thinking that would be a gentle summer celebration for the journeywomen and a way to hear wonderful tales and gathered music. Watcha think? ;-}Prana

    June 26, 2011
    • Hi Prana!

      I love your idea for a picnic while I am in Totnes! Let’s work out details by email.

      June 29, 2011

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