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About the Pod

The Place-Dreamer Pod is:

  • Specially Designed – The architecture of the Pod has been specially made for this project and designed to be aesthically filled with objects and soft furnishings for Radio Dreaming Tours.

  • Mobile and Exploratory – It rolls up at a variety of divers venues

  • Invitational and Curious –  The Pod is an object of curiosity, allowing people to be curious, look, listen and contribute.

  • Participatory and Performative – The Pod blurs lines between art-makers and audience by creating an intimate space for genuine exchange.

  • Experiential and Multisensory – The Pod is inherently participatory and hands-on, encouraging exploration, experimentation, conversation, listening, storytelling, questioning, making and drawing.

  • Shapeshifter and Dreamer – The Pod can become listening space, recording suite, conversation space, collaborative drawing studio, writing studio, refuge from the rain, storage for dreaming space, exhibition space and container for the Place-Dreamer Toolkit.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Space – The Pod provides an interactive outdoor space as well as an indoor environment with its flip-up hatch back. This provides a weather-protected place to display the Place-Dreamer Toolkit and other Dreaming Place Technologies (teapot, whittling knives, dreaming mat, talismans, fire making equipment, drawing tools, pigment grinding stones, dream cloud postcards and visitor dream book etc.).

  • Off-Grid and Economical – The trailer is equipped with batteries that can be charged with solar power or powered from excess energy while driving. It is insulated and covered with a non-rusting aluminum skin. It has low hitch weight, low maintenance and showcases prehistoric, historic + contemporary off-grid technologies. The Pod’s towing van is outfiitted with “De Verde hybrid hydrogen technology” for zero particle emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

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