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We are pleased to offer product outcomes from DREAMING PLACE and Radio Dreaming to you here!

Dreaming Place Kindle Book

dreamingplacetitleDreaming Place: An Irish Adventure with Claire Coté

Two artists – one from England and one from New Mexico – set out on an extraordinary journey exploring the Marble Arch Caves Geopark on the island of Ireland. They want to find out what memories are held in this borderlands landscape of caves, mountains, loughs, and peatbogs.

Buy Book on Amazon US – $3.48
Buy Book on Amazon UK – £2.75
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Radio Dreaming Mp3 Downloads

"Radio Dreaming Volume 1" features Episodes 1 & 2.

Radio Dreaming Volume 1 – by ClaireandAnna

“Radio Dreaming Volume 1” features “Episode 1: Dreams, Food & the Edible Landscape” and “Episode 2: Wild Dreams and the Mythical Fabric of the Land.”

Available for purchase and download soon


Radio Dreaming Volume 2 Mp3
Radio Dreaming Volume 2 – by ClaireandAnna

“Radio Dreaming Volume 2” features “Episode 3: Voices of the Land and Tools for Dreaming Place” and “Episode 4: Underneath and Overneath, Dreams of Land and Water”

Available for purchase and download soon


Off-Grid Mp3 CoverAmazon
Radio Dreaming Off-Grid – by ClaireandAnna

“Radio Dreaming Off-Grid” features “Part 1: Practical Dreamers & the Future in Our Midst” and “Part 2: Shifting Patterns & Inventing Dreams”

Available for purchase and download soon




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