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No 27 Dreaming Place data sheet drawing

Beleek, Belcoo, Burren…


Belcoo, Boho,

Burren, Butlers bridge, Blacklion,

Ballin Tempo, Belturbet, Boa Island,

Cavan, Cliffs of Magho, Crom, Cuilcach Mountain,

Dowra, Derryvore, Derrygonnelly,

Galloon , Gortatole, Glangevlin

Killykeegen, Knockninny,

Letterbreen, Monae,


No 26 Dreaming Place data sheet drawing


A girl with hooped earrings, a building, a close or a house. Aisling (pronounced ashling) is a beautiful name for all these.  We asked people of Marble Arch Caves Geopark what Aisling means to them…

This description by Burren expert Seamus O’ hUltacháin,  particularly describes the Irish language word Aisling.

What does Aisling mean to you?

No. 25 Dreaming Place data sheet drawing

Blogs grow like potatoes

This blog has been a long time in a comin´ and that’s because I grew it.

To grow my potato blog I followed some basic steps. the rest down to luck, weather and  patience. It’s taken quite a while to get to this point , mainly ‘cos of all that hard work and the waiting. I had to……..

1. nourish

2. dig

3. furrow

4. plant

5. water

6. mulch

7. earth up



10. prepare

11. cook

12. eat

A long time ago a Slovenian man called Franci, a student of Mark’s  suggested I apply my novel research techniques to”the potato”. It is still really important to Eastern European cultures and  I am a researcher of  the agency of things. Let me explain a bit more about how that might work.

The humble potato is a masterful at affecting  human behaviours; it  gathers  culture around itself in a big way, as does say “alcohol” or “the sea”. The potato is the perfect thing he said to study. So far I have not done more than to scrub a potato, cut it up to boil or bake it. I love to eat it whole or mashed with olive oil and black pepper. But who knows. In Ireland as everyone knows the potato is very important and no-one on the island can ever forget the terrible consequences of the potato blight.

In Ireland we ferried  potatoes around in the car back and forth over the border and dipped our fingers into glasses of poitín, the infamous  Irish hooch. I feel a new blog coming on….  but I’ll leave it for another day.

Sniffing out a future

Dogs learn to locate earthquake victims buried under metres of rubble, hone in on drugs at border controls and even sniff out cancers.

….but can dogs be used to sniff out the future?

Over the coming months Claire and I will be putting this idea to the test in the name of ART. This means that  I will be training my mini-labradoodle pup Ghyllie as a retriever of ideas.

His first challenge is to learn the enviable skills of a Truffle hound. This is a gourmet challenge, but also a funding challenge for if Ghyllie succeeds in finding a fist fulls of truffles he has a funded future that will enable him to continue his studies to become a proper ART HOUND.

No. 24 Dreaming place data sheet.

Truffle pig or hound?

Taciturn treat

Richmen’s turd

Upside of underground

Fortune’s fungus

Foundling fodder

Lovers’ liver

Eat in heaven

Purse fattener

Instant portion

Gourmet guest?

Old one

Root currency?

Hermetic healer

Odorous apple

Ugly potato

Not just a Nugget

Dreamers dough?

No 23. Dreaming Place data sheet drawing