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Under the Blanker of the Land: ClaireandAnna, Radio Dreaming by Tracey Warr, a-n Interface, March 28, 2014

“Radio Dreaming in Cavan and Fermanagh” by , Cavan Living,, Cavan, Ireland February 12, 2014


The Matter of Technology – Why it Matters, by Anita McKeown, Journal of the New Media Caucus, FALL 2013: V.09 N.03 ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness

“‘Radio Dreaming’ Series to air locally” Taos News, Taos New Mexico, November 27, 2013

“Pair to Present “Radio Dreaming'” Taos News, Taos New Mexico, April 27, 2013

Radio Dreaming Pod Tour Interview with Danny Downy and Paddy, Cavan Community Radio, Cavan, Ireland, May 1, 2013

Radio Dreaming Pod Tour Video featured on “Fashion and Lifestyle” with Siohban Harton, Cavan TV, Drumlin Media


Radio Dreaming Goes International Press Release, August, 2012

Radio Dreaming Interview, (Anna Keleher) with Lucinda Williams, Sound Art Radio, Dartington, UK August, 2012

Radio Dreaming Interview, (Anna Keleher), Riviera Radio, Torbay, UK August 2012

Geopark Radio” The Impartial Reporter, Fermanagh N. Ireland, 5 July 2012 (View article here on our site)

Radio Dreaming Debut Press Release, June, 2012


60wrd/min Review of DREAMING PLACE by art critic, Lori Waxman, Cornwall Workshops, October, 2011

Anna Keleher’s critique of Lori Waxman’s 60wrd/min review, “I Send You This Art Diary” October, 2011

International Artists to Spend 40 days and 40 nights at Marble Arch Caves”, Impartial Reporter, County Fermanagh, N. Ireland, 9 June, 2011

DREAMING PLACE Press Release, May, 2011

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