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Dreaming Place

Ignatius 2
DREAMING PLACE is the place-based and experience-based container for the many outcomes that have evolved from this project. The 40 days and 40 nights we spent exploring Mable Arch Caves Global Geopark and interacting with the people, places, creatures and things of the Geopark was founded on our “promise” as artist collaborators after finishing or MA degree, to go to Ireland together to continue our arts and ecology practice.

Both prompted by the investigation of dúlra – ecosystem; dúchas– heritage; aisling – dream and inspired by an ancient Celtic tradition in which the land remembers everything, the project has come to explore “dreams of place” and how lands speak through dreamers. The Place-Dreamer Toolkit evolved during our time at the Geopark, while we experimented with ways to immerse ourselves in the natural, cultural and dream ecologies of the X-border Geopark homelands. Additional themes emerged as we recorded sounds, conducted interviews, did free-writing and created collaborative drawings. Some of these themes, we documented in our Daily Learning Log that we kept for the 40 days we were at the Geopark.

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