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Dreams of Weaving and Power-Generating Looms *Audio*

During our first trip to the Geopark, we met with friends, Wayne and Louise Hardman, for a paddle on the lake, tea and cookies on an island and lunch at Crom Castle. It was a lovely afternoon full of interesting conversation, but our ears really perked up when we started talking with Louise about her weaving.

Her business is called Wove in Hove and she offers a variety of beautiful, hand woven clothing articles and gifts. We were interested in the act of weaving for two reasons: 1) “Weaving Dreams” is a familiar phrase that we wanted to explore and 2) we were interested in “Weaving Off-Grid” – the capacity for weaving to generate usable energy and even electricity.

Come to find out, Louise really is a weaver of dreams! She literally dreamed-up the name of her business as she states here on her website.

Over lunch we got to talk to Louise a bit about her weaving process and the off-grid potentials of weaving and looms in generating their own power. Listen here:

(We also touch on this topic in “Radio Dreaming Off-Grid Part 2,” which you can listen to here.)

Later we had the pleasure of visiting the Wove in Hove studio and looms – lovely indeed. It was easy to imagine many dreams being woven there!

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